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Toodyay Agricultural Show

The AHMAG army were back on the ground in Toodyay at the Ag show on Saturday and as usual we were out in force collecting signatures on petitions in opposition to the proposed bauxite mines by BAJV and BRL.

AHMAG would like to thank the Toodyay Ag Society for what was a great day and not even the hot weather could keep a steady flow of concerned people from signing our petitions.

We still have trouble understanding why the Toodyay Ag society would accept sponsorship from an exploration company that have aspirations of becoming miners, when 70% of the proposed resource is on productive farmland.

Extractive industries and companies like Austral Bricks who extract clay for basic raw materials for bricks and the like, have co-existed with farmers and communities for decades, but there operations are always localized in the areas of extraction on small 10 or 20 hectare locations, unlike the proposed 62 km2 area that BAJV / BRL plan to mine.

The Toodyay Agricultural Show offers a forum for local businesses and producers to exhibit, display and participate in different arenas, eg. cattle, sheep, goats, home produce and many more. The Show displays unique exhibits by local artists and crafters and has an extensive entertainment programme.

How exactly does open cut bauxite mining over a vast area which will destroy productive farmland in what is an extremely reliable rain fall area fit into the category suitable for an Agricultural Show?
BAJV / BRL do not even have a business model up and running, so they can be hardly classed as a local business.

They are both exploration companies who have aspirations of becoming miners.

The Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia is a member-based not for profit organisation which works year round to promote primary industries and have close links to regional agricultural societies and livestock breed societies.

They support community and junior sporting groups which use Claremont Showground. They encourage regional and agricultural students through their involvement in educational scholarships and competitions which enhance the skills and opportunities of young people. The Perth Royal Show competitions benchmark excellence across a range of industries including wine making, beer production, dairy, food production, clothing production, the arts and sport.
They recognise the achievements of individuals through the Agricultural Hall of Fame, the Community Rural Achiever and the Rural Ambassador competitions and those are the values that we thought agricultural Societies stood for.
It is confusing to say the least why the Toodyay Agricultural Show would align themselves with any company that is not only intent on destroying thousands of acres of productive farmland, but has also divided a community on the issue of whether or not mining in the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley is an appropriate use.

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