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It’s amazing what can be found if you look behind the Curtain

Yankuang Group, China's fourth largest state-owned resources company, who own Yankuang Bauxite Resources and Yancoal are diversifying into cattle among other things.

The article below is probably one of the most unsettling stories that we have reported on to date, given that when Yankuang Resources were in partnership with Bauxite Resource Limited as BAJV their slogan in Bindoon was "Beef and Bauxite".

With the Mauravillo estate being sandwiched between Lake Glesna and Cheddaring farm, which have recently been sold to Singaporean / Chinese investors, it could well be the start of acquisitions that on the surface may merely look like farming enterprises for cattle production, but throw the "Beef and Bauxite" slogan into the mix and we could all be in a whole lot of trouble.

If you hear of farms being sold to Chinese investors in Morangup, Wundowie or Woorolloo, please let us know, as we all need to stay vigilant and with your help we can.


AFR Weekend: Chinese coal giant turns to Australian beef in search of growth

Image source: AFR Weekend


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