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Our Jarrah Forrests Are Being Destroyed And Our Farmland Is Next

In our last post David Osborne shared a time lapse map from 1987 to 2017 of one of the World’s largest operating bauxite mine, Alcoa's Huntley mine near Dwellingup / Pinjarra.

The Huntley mine extracts more than 25 million tonnes of bauxite annually to feed the Kwinana and Pinjarra refineries and as reported previously that number is set to soar due to new export agreements signed with the Barnett government and Alcoa.

David has now shared a time lapse map of the same period 1987 to 2017 of Alcoa's Willowdale mine near Waroona, which feeds the Wagerup refinery. The refinery looks down over the ruins of the once thriving hamlet of Yarloop which was raised to the ground by a catastrophic fire in 2016.

The town was already a shadow of its former glory with the towns social fabric destroyed when Alcoa bought back many of the homes because of health concerns due to the refinery being an unwelcome nieghbour to many.

The Willowdale mine extracts some 10 million plus tonnes of bauxite each year, which is roughly the same amount expected to be mined at the proposed Felicitas and Fortuna mines here in Morangup, Wundowie and Wooroloo.

Chinese state owned Yankuang bauxite resources (YBR) have identified an initial 275 million tonnes of bauxite, which is of no surprise given the Darling Range is recognized as a bauxite rich location where varying grades are found.

Exploration by Yankuang and BRL is set to continue with BRL being granted another 2 tenements in the past 8 months, which will ultimately see the 62 km2 area increase in much the same way as seen in the time laps images provided by David, as more and more resource is identified in this section of bauxite rich Darling Range.

The destruction proposed for our area may not impact on the jarrah forest, but it will destroy tens of thousands of acres of productive farmland, native vegetation and bush, in what is known as an incredibly reliable rain fall area.

Roger Underwood made the statement that ‘The alumina industry is destroying the jarrah forest – and nobody seems to care. At least, nobody is complaining about it”

When Yankuang decide that the time is right to continue with proposals to progress with their mine plans, will we all sit back and just watch the destruction creep across another area of the Range destroying everything in its path?

The time lapse maps of the Huntley and Willowdale mine are just a sample of the destruction that is occuring to theJarrah Forests as we have not even touched on South 32 (Formally BHP) Worsley's operation.

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Click here to view time-lapse maps of the Willowdale mine near Waroona

Thanks again to David Osborne creator of WalkGPS.


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