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Attention - EPA Referral Process

This is the EPA referral process that we must all be aware of.

The following link will take you to a 7 day window that has been opened for comment by the EPA, in relation to a referred proposal from South 32 (Worsley Alumina) to increase alumina production, by increasing their Hotham mining footprint in the Darling Scarp.

Example of How The Referral Process Works

Whether you agree with this proposed expansion or not, it is a perfect example of how the referral process works and is exactly what we can expect when Yankuang refer the Fortuna and Felicitas resources to the EPA for consideration.

7 Day Window

The EPA has opened a 7 day window for comment, please open and read the attached link as it is exactly the type of Notice that will be released by the EPA on their website when Yankuang refer their proposals for mining to the EPA here in Morangup, Wundowie and Wooroloo.

We will only be given seven days and 500 words (Approximately A4 size) to state why we want their proposed plans to go to a full Public Environmental Review (PER). For example: Dust issues, Light pollution, Noise, Water, Destruction of farmland, Environment concerns, property value losses, etc, etc, etc. This list just goes on and on.

What You Will See on The EPA Link

Why We Are Consulting. At this initial stage of the EIA process, comment is simply sought on whether or not the EPA should assess a proposal and, if so, what level of assessment is considered appropriate.

  • Do not assess
  • Assess - Referral information
  • Assess - Environmental review - no public review
  • Assess - Public environmental review......When Yankuang refer their proposals to the EPA, we all need to choose Assess - Public environmental review.

Why We Need a Full PER

This is vitally important, because without a PER the proposal will merely go through the process and no further input will be allowed by the PUBLIC, which of course is us. A full PER can take many months to complete which enables much more scrutiny from the Public.

Please click on the link below and prepare yourselves for the future EPA referral by Yankuang Bauxite Resources to mine the Felicitas and Fortuna resources.

If you disagree with the current proposal by South 32, then you may also wish to call for this proposal to be assessed at a full PER level as a trial run, but that is up to you. The window opened on the 22nd of May, so you are running out of time.


EPA Hotham Mining Extension Consultation

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