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New miner predicts imminent bauxite boom

THE HILLS are alive – with live mineral exploration tenements.

   They straddle national parks, nature reserves, State forests, productive agricultural land and private properties.

   There are a number of companies paying big dollars to maintain their exploration registrations on land they intend to mine for various minerals including bauxite throughout the Avon Valley and vanadium between Wundowie and Bakers Hill.

   Lithium Australia’s pending application to mine lithium is in an area already pegged for bauxite mining north of Wundowie, while north east of Bejoording and to the east of Toodyay from Bolgart to Calingiri, Northam Iron Pty Ltd has its sights set on mining more iron ore.

   Northam Iron Pty Ltd already has live exploration tenements east of Nunile, from Bejoording to near Southern Brook, which they hope to convert to mining tenements.

   By far the biggest local bauxite mining proponent is Yankuang Bauxite Resources Ltd which has located 265 million tonnes in our area.

   The company recently relinquished a tiny parcel of its holdings but maintains the vast majority as live exploration tenements throughout the Avon Valley.

   Some new players have entered the mining arena; Chalice Gold Mines,which has pending tenements for nickel, copper, platinum and vanadium in a 156km2 area including the Julimar State Forest, and Pacific Bauxite Ltd, which holds pending live exploration tenementsover a 405km2area60km north east of Perth.

   In its annual report to shareholders in June 2018, Pacific Bauxite Ltd reported:

   “The immediate future for bauxite mining remains promising.

   “A boom period is considered imminent, driven by demand from China where a substantial fall in domestic reserves and production will require a corresponding increase in bauxite reports.”

   The company believes that “existing bauxite supplies together with planned developments are expected to satisfy global demands until approximately 2020.

   “Beyond this point in time, new projects will be required to meet forecast demand, with a supply deficit of more than 25 million tonnes by 2025 and over 50 million tonnes by 2030.”

   Residents who have been breathing a sigh of relief that Yankuang have packed up and gone home to China should think again.

   To see who has pending and live exploration tenements in your area, there is an easily accessible website that showswho is doing what and where.

   Visit LandTracker Maps, register, and you have free access to monitor what is happening in your own backyard.

   If Pacific Bauxite Ltd is correct in predicting an imminent boom in bauxite mining, AHMAG needs your help more than ever.

   To become an AHMAG member ($10 a year) or help with any of our activities, visit or write to PO Box 111, Gidgegannup WA 6083.

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