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New name, same old bauxite threat

LATE last year Bauxite Resources Ltd (BRL) changed its company name to that of its wholly owned subsidiary Silica Quartz Group Ltd (ASQ).

Readers may recall that BRL was the joint venture partner of Yankuang Bauxite Resources Ltd when they set up shop in Toodyay trading as Bauxite Alumina Joint Venture (BAJV) which set its sights on mining 62km2 of local bauxite between Morangup and Toodyay.

Yankuang now controls these BAJV tenements and has since extended its tenements in the Avon Valley but the rebadged BRL has also not given up on its interest in mining bauxite.

The company has found a new Chinese partner HD Mining & Investments Pty Ltd which is the wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Bureau No.1 Institute for Prospecting of Geology & Minerals.

The HDM website states that it is “currently working towards obtaining a 40 per cent interest in the bauxite rights of several tenements under the joint venture which are wholly owned by ASQ.

“HDM are fully funding exploration activities and their interest will be triggered if HDM enters into a binding commitment to undertake a feasibility study on the tenements.

“Should HDM and ASQ make a subsequent decision to mine, then HDM will earn an additional 20 per cent interest in bauxite rights on the tenements.

“ASQ maintains 100 percent interest in all other minerals.”

If the joint venture with HDM is successful there are two large tenements near Toodyay which will be mined.

The biggest is south of Old Plains Road adjacent to the Bindoon Training area (E 70/3405) and the other (E70/3160) is in West Toodyay. To locate the area of proposed mining sign up to LandTracker Maps – it’s free – and insert the above co-ordinates.

Early this year, ASQ stated that its “primary focus has been the acquisition, exploration and development of bauxite minerals deposits in WA with the aim of capitalising on developing markets in China”.

While ASQ recognises that due to oversupply bauxite/aluminium prices have been depressed, it remains “ready to move and is now focussing on the commercial development of its bauxite resources to supply into direct shipment ore (DSO) export to international customers”.

Even with a new name and new dance partner the former BRL remains ready to hit the floor when the bauxite/aluminium market bounces back.

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