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Thank you everyone who attended

AHMAG would like to thank everyone who attended the Council Forum on the 12th November, where the issue was discussed which relates to the Toodyay Shire being part of a Community Advisory Group (CAG). There were around 30 people in the public Gallery who witnessed a number of the Councillors voicing strong opinions on different points of view, but AHMAG believe our elected members are finally starting to listen.

It was however no surprise that the CEO who is also the OFFICER, is still maintaining his stance on the importance of himself and the Shire President being part of the CAG, but the CEO is a council advisor and our elected members will make the final decision.


Save our Water Supply!

The Regal Hill Water Supply Inc. was established  in 1990.

The Shire of Toodyay instructed a Real Estate Development Company ( the 'Developer') to install a non-potable supply of water for the building of homes, and for the residents safety, as we live in a heavily forested location with clearing restrictions, (zoned rural residential) we are prone to fire.  The 'Developer' did install a water supply and an Association of residents was formed to maintain the supply of non- potable water to the 60+ lots in the Regal Hill subdivision.  

Over the last 24 years, residents, on a voluntary basis, have kept the system alive, using the expertise of many volunteers.  Our water supply is a common link with the residents here, creating a social network that has developed over the past years.  An annual fee for the maintenance of equipment applies.

We have a water supply with a Reservoir capacity of 120m x 100m x 7m = estimated to supply 13 weeks or 100days of water to 47-50 allotments annually.  We supply 2000lt daily to landowners, who use this water to supplement their rain water; it is also used in their septic systems, to water gardens, for animals, and to wash and clean etc.

This water supply is of great benefit to the residents of Regal Hill. We source water under licence from Morangup Brook, Jingaling Brook, Black Swamp Brook, Black Swamp, Red Swamp and Red Brook.  Should the water system diminish due to the activities of mining upstream, our Water Supply will be made obsolete. The entire efforts of a small dedicated community over 24 years will be wasted.

Therefore on behalf of the residents of Regal Hill I ask that any applications to mine Bauxite in the heart of our water systems be rejected.

Further info please visit our website: 

URGENT… Please Read… URGENT… Please Read…

Council Meeting 28th of October 2014

At the Toodyay shire Council meeting held on the 28th of October 2014, Item 9.5.3 showed a request from BAJV for council members to be part of a community Advisory Group (CAG) and Stan Scott being the “OFFICER” recommended the following:


That Council:

  1. Nominate the Shire President and the CEO to participate on the Bauxite Alumina Joint Venture (BAJV) Community Advisory Group;
  2. Note that the purpose of participation is keep Council informed and to represent the community’s interests and does not indicate a position either in favour of or against the anticipated mining proposal.

Due to previous emails sent to councillors and around a dozen angry Morangup Residents in the Public Gallery, 

Cr Madacsi moved a motion as follows:

  • That this item be deferred to a Concept Forum. 

Clarification was sought. Cr Dow moved an amendment as follows:

  • That the word “Concept” be removed.

Cr Madacsi accepted the amendment.


Moved Cr Madacsi that:

  1. This item be deferred to the next available Forum; and
  2. The discussion should not be strictly limited to the discussion of the community advisory group.


What this all means is that the Toodyay council will hold a Forum on the 11th of November 2014 at the council chambers. In this Forum the public can attend and all councillors can speak freely, but the Public can have no input whatsoever.

On the 11th of November 2014 at 4pm, AHMAG would like to see as many Morangup & Toodyay Residents in the public Gallery as possible, to show that we do not want any members of council, CEO or otherwise to be on a CAG being chosen by BAJV, run by BAJV, for BAJV.

"Our council need to remain completely neutral". 

Toodyay Herald - Nov 2014

  • Shire in quandary over bauxite mining protests (front page)
  • Mexican stand-off over proposed bauxite mine (page 2)
  • Toodyay Herald - From the Editor (page 4)
  • A modest proposal - Letter to the Editor (page 4)

View or download the PDF: Toodyay Herald - November 2014 - Part 1

Scoping Study Diagram

The Following Scoping Study Diagram was Taken from BRL’s AGM Presentation that was given to shareholders and it relates to the bauxite movement from the proposed mine sites at Fortuna and Felicitas near Wundowie to the proposed rail siding at the Avon River.

Click the image below to view or download a larger PDF version. 

Bumper Stickers for Sale

Your opportunity to show concern and spread the word!

Only $5 each - Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or place an order in to AHMAG, c/o PO Box 111, Gidgegannup WA 6083.

Pick up arranged or if you would like them to be posted out, please add Postage $1 extra.  

Residents Meeting at Wundowie Community Hall

AHMAG would like to thank the 50 residents of Wundowie and Wooroloo who attended the Residents meeting held in the Wundowie Community Hall on Saturday the 25th of October.

It was a great turn out given the short notice that was given and when the question was asked as to whom supported mining in our back yard, there was a resounding 95% No vote from within the hall.

AHMAG Residents Meeting at Wundowie Community Hall
We know there will always be people, who believe that mining will bring jobs and people to the area and one attendee mentioned that the mine will attract more families to Wundowie and children will attend the school, we respect those views, but we believe that Land subdivisions like the new Mauravillo Estate, along with the land opposite that has also been re -zoned for subdivision, will bring families and kids to attend the Wundowie school, but if both the Fortuna and Felicitas mine get up and running in the next couple of years, the impact on that new estate will be devastating, as it will be almost surrounded by open cut bauxite mining.

That’s why we believe the negative impact on all of our lifestyles and property values will well and truly out way any perceived benefits....

AHMAG would once again like to point out, that like most people in our communities, our group IS NOT ANTI - MINING, we just do not want mining in our back yard and we feel pretty confident that Bill Moss the CEO of BAJV and Peter Canterbury the CEO of BRL will not be selling their properties any time soon to move into the Mauravillo Estate to be surrounded by both the Fortuna and Felicitas Resource.

We have spoken to a number of FIFO workers in our community that all say the same thing: “We go away to work on a mine site because that’s where the BIG money is and you can’t earn that type of money around here and we rely on mining for our income. The reason we purchased our properties in this area is because we are in the country, yet close to the city and there is no mining!!!. We do not want mining in our kids back yard”.

Enough Said


AHMAG Notice - October 2014

Download the full PDF: AHMAG Notice - October 2014

Info Note # 4 - Making an EPA Submission

Full article

Making a Public Submission under the WA Environmental Approvals process


Projects that may have a significant impact on the environment are assessed by the EPA under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA).

So you want to have a say about bauxite mining in the Avon and Hills area…. Where to from here?

Stage 1

Keep an eye on the EPA website to see if proposed bauxite mining projects have been referred to the EPA: (or you can subscribe to the EPA’s automatic notification service on the website) and make a submission.

Stage 2

Wait for the EPA’s announcement to see what level of assessment has been set…. And then we’ll tackle Stage 2 – we will provide more information on Stage 2 in the future, stay tuned to

Info Note #3 - EPA consultation and public comment

The Western Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) undertakes a range of consultative processes relating to proposals being assessed.

All opportunities for public comment and submissions are published on the EPA's consultation hub at 

You can subscribe to be notified when new EPA items are published by:

FAQ and Statements

See our Frequently Asked Questions


AHMAG are on an information hunt. We want to gather as much information as we can, from anyone living anywhere near the proposed mine site:

  • Do you have a spring on your property, or perhaps a stream? If so what is the water quality like, does it run all year and do you draw water from it?
  • Do you have a bore? What is the water quality like and what flow rate does it have?
  • Do you Farm your land? If so, what do you grow?

We would like to collect this information now so that we can state facts in relation to how many rural enterprises will be effected, e.g.:

  • Orchards
  • Olive groves
  • Nut farms
  • Vineyards
  • Organic herb farms
  • Goat dairies
  • Animal husbandry
  • Agistment properties, and so on...

Let us help you - You Are Not Alone!

Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or post a note to: AHMAG, PO Box 111, Gidgegannup WA 6083

All information will be held strictly confidential.

Info Note #2 - Exploration and Landowners Rights

Click the link below to view or download the PDF.

Exploration and Landowners Rights

Reply to Statements made at recent Residents' Meeting

We promised at the Residents meeting to use our best endeavours to supply factual information to you at all times, and below you will find facts that correct a statement made by MLC Paul Brown at our meeting.

Paul stated that The Minister for the Environment would have the final say on whether a proposed bauxite mine would go ahead in our back yard.


The Minister for Environment does have the final say on approvals under the Environmental Protection Act (1986) such as the Part IV approvals like Public Environmental Review’s which would be the primary environmental approval for the project unless the EPA decides not to formally assess.  The Department of Environment Regulation has responsibility for licences and Part V approvals under the EP Act.  The Minister for Mines has responsibility for Mining Approvals like Mining Proposals.  Then there are approvals under the Aboriginal Heritage Act if there are heritage sites affected (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) and there is a State Agreement which is the responsibility of the Minister for State Development (Colin Barnett).

MLC Paul Brown suggested that we focus our attention on the Minister for Environment.  Clearly there are a number of others involved in approvals processes. 

In the end if there is enough opposition the politicians will listen!!!.

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